Rocky Mountain Nature Co. specializes in one of the best gifts
Mother Nature created and left in central Montana, Yogo Sapphires. 

Found only in central Montana, yogos are considered to be one of the
finest sapphires in the world. These beautiful natural gems are tucked
deeply into Yogo Gluch in the Little Belt Mountains between Great Falls and Lewistown. 

Yogos are known for their naturalcornflower blue’ color given to them by a titanium content rather than iron content as in other corundum (sapphire). The color is as genuine as the cool blue pristine waters that run through Montana’s rivers. Two percent of the yogo deposit will be purple yogos, the rarest of the rare.

Yogos are one of the few gemstones not enhanced by heat. The yogo color is distributed evenly giving each stone a natural rare clarity and brilliance. Heat treated stones will have zones with little color and/or areas much darker. 

Gemstones are rated by their hardness levels. Example, diamonds are rated a 10. Sapphires are rated at a 9  making them an excellent choice for jewelry.   

Come on in and check out our selection of yogos. We'll be happy to give you some insight into the rich wonderful history of the yogo sapphire deposit found only in Montana. 

Yogos are beautiful, rare and a true Montana treasure. Owning a yogo is taking home a piece of Montana.
Rocky Mountain Nature Company is home to a variety of Montana and Glacier Country quality gifts. For over twenty years we have been located in the center of Hungry Horse, a fun place to stop on your way to Glacier National Park. 

Rocky Mountain Nature Company has everything from fine jewelry to fly fishing supplies, rocks and fossils, books and clothing. There is something for everyone and every age.

We'll be happy to share information about the area that we call home. Stop in and say hello, we’d love to meet you!

Murry and Jan Graham